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Chongs are famous for many things such as dealing with colds, the flu, skin blemishes, thyroid therapy etc.


With Dong Won Chong a person experiences a cross between a Restoration herb and all the things Chongs are famous for so its like getting 2 herbs in one.


The average shelf life of our products are 5 years... All of our products are herbs and minerals that contain no harmful drugs or chemicals...



lex root, Evodia leaf, Chrysanthemum flower, Vitex herb,

Isatis root, Lonicera flower, Green tea, Rhizome of five leaf, Gynostemia,

Honeysuckle, Fructus canarii, Dandelion, Rhizoma Phragmitis, Lotus Leaf, Tuckahoe. Honeysuckle, Mulberry leaf, Peppermint, Herbalophatheri, Reed Rhizome, Radix platycodonis, Licorice, Radix isatidis


“These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. These products are not intended to treat, prevent or cure disease"

Dong Won Chong / DWC

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