Our Sales Staff

at Thailand's Best Inc


Hello, I'm Miriam and I'm the Shipping Manager & Company VP and I thank you for visiting our website...

     Miriam Winborne 



Hello, I am Frances Knight from Edenton, NC...Feel free to call me for assistance...

Frances Knight



Hello, I'm Gwen Johnson and I have been Sales Leader of the year for many years...

Gwen Johnson



Hi , I'm Gloria the Customer Service Manager. It is my pleasure to serve you.

       Gloria Gilliam 



How are you...? I am Stephanie and I serve the Kinston, Greenville and Snow Hills areas...

     Stephanie Dixon 



Hello, My name is Joyce Benton and I serve Edenton, Elizabeth City and surrounding areas...

       Joyce Benton 

 833-377-1010 ext 701


Hello, I am Margie Binion from St. Louis, MO and I am sight impaired but still on the battlefield...

     Margie Binion                314-776-1035


Hello everybody my name is Evion Gardner and I love these herbs...

       Evion Garner 



Hello, I'm Simone and not only can I help you with your herbal needs I'm a Realtor and can help you find your dream home...

     Simone Gardner 



Hello, I'm Eleanor from Little Rock, AR and I have used herbs for most of my adult life....

      Eleanor Louis


Deborah Staten Headshot.jpg

Hello, how are you ? I'm Debra Staten from Austin, TX and I love working in the Healing Ministry...

     Debra Staten



Hello, I'm Pastor Alexander  Rose from Boston, MA and these products have changed my life...

    Alexander Rose


Cecelia Evans copy.jpg

Hello, I'm Cecelia and I have the job of keeping the books for this company...

      Cecelia Evans


earnestine 3.jpg

Hello, I'm Pastor Earnestine Barnes of Chicago, IL and I love helping people to be made whole..

Earnestine Barnes


Loretta 2.jpg

Hello, I'm Loretta and I'm the  Manufacturing Manager & Quality Control...

      Loretta Bradley

      Retired Military

Estella Brass.jpg

Hello, I'm Estella from Chicago, IL and I'm doing my best to spread these herbs in my area...

     Estella Brass


Debra Burks.jpg

Hello, I'm Debra Taylor from Kyle, Texas....I'm a Masseuse and I love these healing herbs...

     Debra Taylor


Slim Wright copy.jpg

Hello, I'm Slim Wright... I represent Austin, Texas and surrounding areas....

      Slim Wright



Hello, I am UHouse and I want to welcome you to UHouse Healing Herbs . Com

        U. House


vera 32.jpg

Hello, I'm Vera and I represent Florida... I'm 81 years old. Thank God for healing herbs

     Vera Dorsey


Angelia Copeland.jpg

Hello. I am Angelia and I will be serving you today...

  Angelia Copeland


Laura Price.jpg

Hello Every one...I am Pastor Laura Price and I thank you for visiting our site...

         Laura Price 



Hello Everybody...Pastor Sylvester Bush of Little Rock, AR at your service...

       Sylvester Bush 


Robert Dinkins Self Portrait.jpg

Praise the Lord Everybody...I am Pastor Robert Dinkins and I thank you for visiting our site...

       Robert Dinkins