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Mr. House, I am sooooo blessed to be alive without taking any medicines...For months now all of my blood work has been perfect and I am "Double-Blessed" to have you as a friend. It truly shows that you care and I don't know where I would be without meeting Deborah and you.

                                       Bernadette Landry

                                           Houston, Tx

Pastor Fred Little of Greenville, NC had struggled for years with weight problems and came to me after one of my reps had put him on the wrong weight loss plan. After I explained to him that he didnt have anything attacking fat he asked "what do i need" I put him on an aggressive fat burning regiment and he has lost a total of 129 lbs and is still dropping....Praise God for Jesus......

 Daphine Avery of Fuquay Varina, NC dropped from a size 18 to a size 10 using our weight loss plan.....

Bernice Whitfield of Kinston, NC was diagnosed with High blood pressure and took blood pressure pills for years before using our herbs. After an internal body cleanse and some blood pressure herbs, she has the blood pressure of a well trained athlete 118 / 75 and has not taken a blood pressure pill in  years.

 Betty Williams of Walstonburg, NC purchased our 90 day plan, dropped from a size 16 to a size 8, called me before her 90 days were up saying "I'm losing too much weight, I didn't want to get this small, How can I stop losing weight? I told Betty that our herbs had her body functioning like a teenager's body, to stop taking our herbs and things would go back to normal.......

Marie Mathis, mother of U. House had been on the herbs for years "hitting and missing", never being consistent enough to get real results until her doctor told her she had congestive heart failure and may need a pacemaker. She decided right then to be faithful with her herbs and now is experiencing the best blood pressure and heart performance ever...Her numbers run like this on a regular basis 115 / 75 / 75...woooow that is unreal. Her heart is now performing like a teenager...

Shannon Whitfield of Kinston, NC was treated for eczema by doctors for 12 years and still had the skin disease. Shannon used our herbs for 2 months and was completely healed. This 14 year old young man wore short sleeves for the 1st time in his life summer 2011...WOW!!!!

I lost a total of 187 lbs using Dr. U. House's weight loss plans. I didn't believe a person could lose weight by simply drinking Herbal Teas...
A truck driver William Henderson of Kernersville, NC came to us months ago with high blood pressure, high cholesterol and diabetes. After being treated by Medical world for 2 (two) years he was tired of NO RESULTS.....This gentleman drove his 80,000 pound truck coast to coast while having to brew his herbs without the luxury of a stove or automated tea maker. He stored his different herbs in containers so he could drive and drink his daily regiments and defeated all 3 health ailments in less than 90 days.....He is no longer a diabetic, he no longer has high blood pressure and his cholesterol is perfect....praise God because all healing comes from
THE MOST HIGH......Jesus

I Undra House defeated 9 health ailments in 6 months using these great products. I am proud knowing people can defeat many issues without drugs or modern meds. I thank God for Jesus

Samantha Howard of West Helena, AR lost 204 lbs in less than a year and 6 months on our weight loss plans. Her doctor was so impressed with her results...the doctor called asking us to tell the secrets of Samantha's success......

Hello Mr. House,

       Just a note of thanks to you for all the things you do to help educate the community on how to heal the body naturally.

       We are grateful for your teas and their effectiveness on the common diseases we deal with.

       My daughter's uterine tumor has decreased in size since starting the tea.  And her CA-125 lab work decreased from 410 to 70.  The biopsy results were negative for cancer.  And she awaits surgery with a peaceful mind that once it is removed, she can resume a normal lifestyle.  We are grateful to God for using you in the process.

       Also my mom began the teas for her hypertension and diabetes.  And within 2 weeks, her numbers stabilized consistently.  She has lost 14 pounds within a month and her renal function has also improved.   Her doctors are amazed.

       Thanks again for all that you do!!  May God bless you immensely.

Lisa Sams

James Martin of Denver, Colorado wrote...


Thanks to my sister who introduced me to Brother House and his Fine Line of Products...

All I can say is that since my operation to remove several tumors which had developed around my spinal cord causing me excruciating pain,  which turned out to be stage 4 cancer, the second time in 2 years... Brother House started me on healing herbs and  my PSA has gone from 1000 in 3 weeks to 36.5 and then another 2 weeks later to 7.5......(Unbelievable)  My Oncologist was so surprised that he called me personally both times to give me the good news.  He had prescribed a medication which is standard for patients with prostate cancer which had spread to my liver, lungs, spine and bones.  But he didn't believe that my recovery was from the medication and it wasn't... All he could say was for me to continue doing what I was doing.  And I have.  I had actually reduced the dosage of the medication which he had prescribed because of the side effects it was known for...Side effects such as: 9 percent of men developing breasts and 1 percent developing liver disease, from 3 pills a day to 1 pill every other day.  But I continued taking the healing herbs that Brother House  suggested...  I went from waking up having to use the toilet 6 to15 times a night to only 1 time and not at all since April 4, 2022 when I first started taking the healing herbs tea to July 10, 2022, and still today August 14, 2022.  I feel absolutely wonderful and pain free except for slight morning stiffness in my back from the operation to remove the tumors, which I was told for complete healing could take up to a year.  My progress however is said to be remarkable - a true miracle, according to my Oncologist, Urologist and Neurosurgeon.  And I have to give credit where credit is due...I Thank God and  Thank you Brother House for giving me the healing herbs I needed to make this full recovery...  May The Most High continue to use you and bless you for what you are doing to help so many people...Thank you 7 times...!!!

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