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All Natural Sulfa: Natural Sulfa is an odorless, almost tasteless, water-soluble, white crystalline powder that supplies a bio-available form of dietary sulfur which plays a major role in stabilizing and promoting numerous body functions. It is as important in your diet as vitamin C and there are only 2 things that are as important as sulfa: They are water and sodium. Sulfa Is never to be confused with bad sulfas like...sulfates, sulfur, sulfite's, sulfides or sulfa drugs. Signs of Sulfa Deficiency are: Slow wound healing, brittle hair and nails, Gastrointestinal problems, Arthritis, Depression, Acne, Scar tissue and more.


The body is in a constant state of repair and if we do not have all the necessary parts, the body will produce weak-dysfunctional cells. Natural Sulfa does not produce intestinal gas or body odor as other Sulfurs do. What is Natural Sulfa good for? Healthy connective tissue, Joint function, Proper enzyme activity, Hormone balance, Proper function of the immune system, it improves allergies, Asthma, Emphysema, Lung dysfunction, Arthritis, Headaches, Skin problems, Stomach and digestive tract problems, blood circulation, Cell osmosis and nutrient absorption. Natural Sulfa acts as an Analgesic (pain reliever), anti-inflammatory and it inhibits muscle spasms. Research has shown that Natural Sulfa is helpful in improving joint flexibility, reducing stiffness, improving circulation, reducing swelling, improving cell vitality, reducing pain, breaking up calcium deposits and reducing scar tissue. How much is safe to take? Natural Sulfa is non-allergenic, non-pyre tic (fever reducer), and has no interfering or undesirable effects. You cannot overdose with Natural Sulfa because the body will use what it needs and flush out the rest without harm. Without sufficient Sulfa in the body, unnecessary illness of various types may result. Studies show that the levels of Natural Sulfa in our bodies decrease with aging and is recommended for neutralizing and eliminating toxins as well as alleviating conditions of environmental and food allergies, pain from inflammatory disorders, gastrointestinal ailments and infections.


Natural Sulfa is critical to the foundation of connective tissues of all types. Collagen, hair, skin, nails, bones, muscles, wound healing. It is responsible for the flexible bond between cells, including those that make up the skin. It acts to block undesirable chemical and physical cross-linking or bonding of collagen which is associated with tough, aging skin. Approximately half of the bodies sulfa is concentrated in the body's muscles, skin and bones.


It is present in Keratin, the tough substance in the skin, nails and hair. It is necessary for making Collagen, the primary constituent of Cartilage and Connective tissue. The body will never stop making new cell and this calls for an unceasing supply of Sulfa and other essential nutrients. When cell need replacement and you're not giving your body the right balance of building materials, you start losing flexibility in the body and cells start building up Foreign proteins and free radicals in both cells and body fluids.


Wrinkles: When the body replaces old skin cells, if there is a deficiency of Sulfa, the new cells are stiff and contribute to wrinkling. Natural Sulfa helps the body replace bad cells with good, healthy, elastic cell. In time wrinkles go away. Brown and black spots, skin tumors can re arrested and reversed as new cells replace the insufficient cells.


Diabetes: Even Diabetics can benefit from Sulfa. Self-Regulation of blood sugar can occur because Sulfa allows for proper absorption of blood sugars and insulin. Sulfa will even repair a damaged pancreas. When there is an Sulfa deficiency, cell membranes become less permeable, the Pancreas overworks and the ultimately fails, while blood sugars saturate the blood stream instead of entering the cell to provide nourishment and energy.


Sore Joints and muscles: Testimonials of many athletes point to the ability of Sulfa to increase Athletic stamina and eliminate sore muscles. This is because Sulfa increases the ability of the body to eliminate wastes and toxins at the cellular level, where good health begins. Ulcers: Ulcers can be life-threatening. Ulcers are caused by too much stomach acid and can be reversed by Sulfa Supplementation.


DIRECTIONS: Take ½ a teaspoon 2 to 4 times a day with 4 oz or warm water...

All Natural Sulfa / SUL

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