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Health facts you show know

Updated: Sep 15, 2020

Health Facts you should know

1) As cancer is rising to an all time high and it is predicted that 1 in 3 people will have cancer is his or her lifetime.

2) High blood pressure is directly associated with heart attack and stroke, which kills more people than any other disease in this world.

3) Every time you eat, you digest over 1200 chemicals along with the food, it's a mixture of herbicides, pesticides, additives, preservatives etc.........The food industry does not admit to this but: many of the chemicals that are used to prepare our food is the number 1 cause of the high cancer rate in this world.

4) When a person does not perform an Internal Body cleanse, he opens the door to hundreds of sicknesses, diseases and severe health issues. His body becomes very polluted and is filled with contaminated water and fecal matter.

5) When a person does not perform an Internal Body cleanse, his skin even suffers from the body being polluted with toxins. (Toxins are anything that is harmful to the body)

6) When a person does not perform an Internal Body cleanse, his energy levels suffer because the body works at night when it should be sleeping, trying to digest foods.

7) When a person does not perform an Internal Body cleanse, he opens the door to obesity because his digestive track clogs and food stays in the body much longer than it should.

8) When a person does not perform an Internal Body cleanse his hair, skin and nails suffer because the toxins poison these areas first.

9) 63% of Americans over 28 years of age, take some form of prescribed or over the counter drugs and all of these drugs have some form of side effects.

10) Every drug sold in this world starts with an all natural product, it then goes to a laboratory, is mixed with a chemical and is now called Medicine or drugs.

11) Every drug sold in this world goes into the body to fix a problem and then causes another problem (big or small) because of the chemicals.

12) When using the right products, all natural healing and weight loss is much better than drugs because it's natural mixed with nothing and is better than natural mixed with chemicals.

13) Thailand's Best is responsible for relieving more people from the burden of drugs than you can imagine and has a weight loss record that speaks for it-self. We provide our family with the best products in the world and have helped thousands to recover from obesity, high blood pressure, acid reflux, diabetes, cancer and more. We provide straight answers to your health questions and have products that will transform your health and beauty. We understand that many people would rather take their health issues to doctors whom many don't even believe in God than to try natural healing and to those who would rather gamble with their life and health, these products are not for you but are available for those who believe that God can do more healing with the ALL NATURAL than man can do with chemicals. Now give us a try and you will see the miracles of the The Almighty unfold.

YOU SHOULD Know your Healthy Medical Numbers

1) Blood Sugar 70-110 A1C 5% or lower 3) PSA (Prostate specific Antigen) 0-4

2) Total Cholesterol 200 or lower 4) Blood Pressure

LDL (Bad) 100 or lower Systolic 120 or lower

HDL (Good) 40 or higher Diastolic 80 or lower

Triglyceride 160 or lower

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