Total Cleanse

Total Cleanse

Total Cleanse
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Product Description

CLEAN BLOOD IS NECESSARY FOR GOOD HEALTH....Our blood streams can become as polluted as Sewage system if we don't cleanse the blood. Our blood stream if it was stretched out would be longer than many lakes in America and blood has to travel great distances to keep us healthy so we much concentrate on Good Clean blood to maintain a good healthy body...We all need this combo....It's a combination of Our Internal Cleanser and a Blood cleanser. The cleansing is a 30 day process that can be shortened to 23 days depending on your dedication to completing the process. It's our 1st step on your road to healing and weight loss. In the age that we are living in, our foods are full of additives, preservatives, herbicides, pesticides and chemicals. There are many people dealing with serious health issues from the lack of internal cleansing. Our cleansers really do what the are suppose to do and will have your system up and running like a fine tuned automobile in a few days. This cleanser cleans your kidneys, liver, small intestines, colon, prostate and more. It strengthens your immune systems because 80% of the body's immune systems lies in the small intestines. By strenghtening the immune system it aides users who would normally need allergy meds. This cleanser will deal with Acid reflux in a matter of days. After a good cleanse you will see a difference in hair, skin, energy and nails. Combine this Cleanser with a Blood Cleanser and you now have a Total Cleanse...

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