Diabetic Cleanse / Bitter Karella

Diabetic Cleanse / Bitter Karella

Item# diabetic-cleanse-karella

Product Description

Our Diabetic Cleanse includes our famous Internal Cleanse combined with a Diabetic Herb that allows the cleansing process for a Borderline Diabetic to not only be safe but also attacking the very nature of the Diabetic condition. Our goal is to help all of our Friends, Family and Associates to be free from the conditions that are ailing them. This cleanse is our 1st step on the road to recovering from Borderline Diabetes. Bitter Karella is an herb that has a history of being used for maladies such as Diabetes, HIV infections, High blood pressure, it's a sugar regulator, it's rich in Vitamin A, B1, B2, C and Iron. It's rich in plant insulin, prevents many complications such as Hypertension, eye complications and it internally cools and cleanses the body. This combination is highly recommended for Borderline Diabetics.

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