Any 4 Healing Herb Combo Special $85

Any 4 Healing Herb Combo Special $85

Any 4 Healing Herb Combo Special $85
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Product Description

This package is designed for that Customer who needs to mix and match the perfect combo...It is advised by us to always cleanse first because to put a good healing herb in a highly Toxified body is gonna produce very limited results.....Cleansing is the 1st step to healing and weight loss......We advise you to list your 4 herbs at "CHECK OUT" in the section thats says "COMMENTS"

FOR AN EXAMPLE: A customer may order a Blood Pressure Package which is 3 herbs combo and their 4th herb could be another this point you save money on the 4th herb and shipping........or you can order 4 cleansers which will save you $15 on herbs and $6 on shipping which is a total of $21 using this 4 herb combo special.....Wow!!!

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